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Marketing companies and advertising agencies tell you what you want to hear to gain your trust. Here at CGT Marketing we show you how our strategies and tactics work without all of the flashy and gimmicky ads that go along with it. We believe in realistic, customized plans that meet your needs and your expectations.

Here at CGT, we want your company to flourish and understand how and why marketing works through use of social networking, branding and product development, website design and more. At CGT we build your business using the right mix of original ideas and tactics that really show off your company’s strengths.

Our broad client range shows our diversity and experience.  We cater to many different demographics and have shown success in the most complex and simple approaches for companies spanning from aerospace, nanotechnology, dental/medical, distributions, entertainment and many more.

Finding that right Long Island ad agency is all about looking for the hardest working agency with proven success. At CGT Marketing we have just that. As one of the best Long Island advertising agencies, the people here at CGT Marketing pride ourselves on drastically improving our clients image and evolving with the technology and media of today.