Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

Investing time, money and energy into designing a website will propel your business into the future. A website is an absolute must for a business if they want to reach out to the largest number of consumers and stay fluid in customer service. Whether your website’s goal is to generate income, educate the public about societal issues or you want to add a little extra convenience for your stone and mortar customers, follow these steps to make your website a success.

  • Add social media buttons such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Today’s customers are influenced by friends and family. Social media interaction makes promoting merchandise and specials easy and cheap. Update often to keep your presence on your customer’s newsfeed, but also restrain from being pushy. Follow the rules of social media etiquette and you will reap the benefits.
  • Write smart and provide clean, proofread material. A professional website must be error free. Double-check and triple check for typos and incorrect grammar.
  • User-friendly navigation is essential. If your website is confusing a customer will not stick around to figure it out. Clearly state how to make a purchase. Offer contact numbers for questions.
  • Customer service matters on websites, too. Respond promptly to inquiries. Internet customers make decisions quickly. Quick responses to questions will make your Long Island business successful.
  • Remember to write material with SEO keywords in mind. When writing product descriptions or an informative article be sure to include keywords that a potential customer may type in their search engine. The more your information shows up in search engines, the more successful your small business website will be.

Yes, venturing online can be intimidating. However, hiring an experienced web designer, picking the correct format for your website, partnering with your Long Island, NY Chambers of Commerce and presenting a professional website, are smart decisions that will help you build a strong web presence. A strong web presence equals success for your Long Island, NY small business.