What Type of Website is Right  for Your Business?

Choosing the format of your website may feel overwhelming. While it is important to choose a proper format since website designs and website purposes vary depending on the particular business, it is not as intimidating as you may think. Here are four examples of websites that may work for your business.

The Corporate Website – This type of website is a showcase highlighting a company’s mission, their goals, their accomplishments, and their employees. Key components to this type of website include a company portfolio allowing potential investors or customers the opportunity to view past projects and updated contact information, including any social media pages.

Information Driven Website – The purpose of this website is not to generate leads or sell a product. Instead these type of websites provide a platform to educate visitors. Informative websites can be extensive, such as the WebMD website which offers a surplus of medical information, or simple with few navigations and similar to the restricted information you may find in a traditional, paper brochure.

Affiliate Website – An affiliate website’s singular goal is to earn revenue by selling space on their site to other companies to advertise their products or website. With an affiliate website platform a company would earn money each time a visitor clicks on an ad and either purchases the product or completes an action such as filling out a form or survey.

Affiliate websites market other companies’ products, but do not sell their own products. Instead, affiliate websites attempt to create attractive websites by producing high-quality, SEO informational articles that will bring visitors to the website by way of internet search engines. For instance, if you allow fitness affiliates to advertise on your website, you would ideally want your website to offer useful, informative information about health and fitness to increase your potential revenue from the affiliates.

E-Commerce Website – If you have a product to sell this is the website you would choose, whether you sell your products strictly online or you have a physical location. An e-commerce website sells products and collects funds from sales made directly from their website. To give customers a pleasant shopping experience, important components to include on an e-commerce website include:

  • A catalog of products
  • User-friendly shopping cart
  • Online checkout
  • Contact information for customer service

These four components will contribute to a successful e-commerce website.